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The AxiaRx prescription discount card saves more money for more people each day than most any other card. That’s because we have fought to keep high fees and overhead costs out of the prices you pay at the pharmacy counter when you use our card. Other discount card sponsors have increased their fees which increases your cost when you use their card.

AxiaRx is the only prescription discount card that donates nationally to local humane societies and SPCAs each time you use our card. To date $51,450.00 has been donated to 32 local animal shelters from New York to California.

Other services you will find here include a program for people that can’t afford their prescription. Check out our prescription assistance program information to learn more. Are you a Small business owner that can't afford health insurance? Check out how you can offer your employees help in reducing their prescription drug costs. .

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Some of the organizations we donate to each time you use our card...

Pennsylvania SPCA
Humane Society of Greater Miami
Mohawk Hudson Humane Society
DFW Humane Society
Tampa Bay SPCA
Humane Society of Dallas County