Discount Drug Card

Present at pharmacy counter

Benefiting the:
San Antonio Humane Society

RxBIN | 600428
RxPCN | 05100000
RxGRP | 05990001
ID | sahs698
Issued by AXIARX

Prescription Discount Card only. Not Insurance.

This card may not be used with any third party payer program, including, Medicaid and, unless in a 100% coverage gap, Medicare

Cardholder Information

  • Present card at pharmacy counter when you drop off your prescription..
  • Card is pre-activated and free, there are no additional steps, just present at the pharmacy counter.
  • No registration required.
  • No limitations. No Maximums. No expiration.
  • 63,000 pharmacies participating.
  • As many as 60,000 prescription drugs on our formualary.

Pharmacist information

About the card

  • No Mail Order- We are commited to our participating pharmacies to never provide a mail order option.
  • Cardholder info kept confidential- We have never sold, or shared any cardholder information and never will. Period.
  • Donation made by AxiaRx...there is nothing your pharmacy has to do regarding this feature.
  • Valid for any script- Human or pet, so long as there is no insurance, you may try the card.
  • For cash-payers only- Not for use with insurance. (i.e., no "split billing" or "dual pay").
  • Medicare...- The card will benefit seniors on Medicare Part D only when they are paying 100% of their drug’s cost (i.e., during the deductible and donut hole periods).
  • No registration- All cards are pre-activated and ready for use.

Processing the AxiaRx Card

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Argus recommendations

  • Always enter the Cardholder first and last name.
  • Always enter information exactly as it appears on the card- i.e., BIN, PCN, RxGroup, Member ID.
  • Always process as a Primary Transaction- The transaction will reject if processed as a secondary transaction.
  • Contact the Argus Help Desk- should assistance be needed – 866-921-7284.