Resources and Information

Here is where you can dig deeper…maybe deeper than you ever thought you wanted to!
Many people want to know more…much more. And that is what we’re attempting to do here.  While “more” is indeed on the say, here is a list of what you can do today:

  • Use our custom-made pharmacy search tool to find your pharmacy within our full list of 63,000 retail pharmacies.
  • Read about our donation partners within the humane/card program and find and print their card so that you can help them raise money through our donations.
  • Review a list of prescriptions  - pet meds commonly used by veterinarians for dogs and cats -  that you can use the AxiaRx discount card to save money at your local pharmacy.
  • Learn about some of the more widespread medical conditions, what they are, causes, and treatment options including brand and generic medicines your doctor might prescribe as we all potential non-medical treatments. (Always consult a physician with your medical questions and potential treatments).  We cover type 2 diabetes, pain management, depression and high blood pressure.

Some of the organizations we donate to each time you use our card...

Pennsylvania SPCA
Humane Society of Greater Miami
Mohawk Hudson Humane Society
DFW Humane Society
Tampa Bay SPCA
Humane Society of Dallas County