Rx discount donation program

prescription discount card can save users money at the pharmacy

Prescription discount cards are very popular. They help consumers save a lot of money at their pharmacy when insurance isn’t available. We took that popular concept and created a model that would donate a healthy portion of the proceeds — 65% to be exact — to local humane societies, SPCAs and other animal shelters around the U.S.humane/card logo

That was May, 2012. Since then, humane/card has donated $51,450.00 to 32 organizations through October, 2017. This year we will donate more than $30,000 to local organizations who go street-by-street to address the needs of millions of homeless dogs, cats and other animals. From spay-neuter clinics, to adoption programs, trap-neuter (spay)-release (TNR), clinics for low income families and so much more.

If you operate one of these organizations please join us. There is no cost as we pay for everything and there are no additional management cycles required from your organization to support this program. Get started today.

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Look no further - 3 things you should know about the humane/card program.

There is no cost

Well there’s no cost for you, our animal shelter partner, that is. We bear all the costs from card printing to creating a marketing program to help get the word out. Your job: cash our monthly checks!

No burden

We are animal people; we walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk, as they say. We adopt, rescue, and foster. We assist local feral cats and pay for their medical needs on a regular basis.

And, most importantly, we are serial volunteers for a number of local animal rescue organizations including our local humane society. This perspective helped us better understand that whatever program we were going to set up had better not provide a management requirement on the partner’s behalf since there typically are no spare volunteer or employee cycles at the end of the day.

A logo and a link

This program is super simple and the only real requirement we have is your permission to use your logo to help market the service locally and for you to have a link or a page to the print-a-card page we will set up on your behalf on our website (here is an example page from a current partner). Everything we use your logo in will first get your approval before it gets published to ensure its use meets your policies.

Donate to humane societies - use the AxiaRx card
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Still have questions?
Our FAQ is a good place to start…

Mini FAQ or frequently asked qeustions
Not unless you are more comfortable and in that case we have one or can review yours. We have had other partners that required our signature before providing their logo and that’s fine with us.
Other than the logo and providing a link or, preferably, a short page on your website dedicated to directing users to the printable or mobile discount card we will prepare there really is nothing else required of you. However, many partners regularly Tweet or post on Facebook giving people an update on the program or informing them of it. We’d also be interested in being a part of future mailings you are already doing or submitting an article for a newsletter. Basically, anything we can do to help get the word out via a process that you are already doing anyway is great!
Checks go out, typically, within two weeks after the end of the month. We must first wait for the claims data to come back and then crunch those numbers to pull out all of your claims before we’ll know what the final tally is.
Of course! We’d prefer giving the program a number of months before doing so as we’ll make early investments that we’d like to have a chance to pay for first, but, yes, if you are every uncomfortable with anything you can walk away without a hassle. You see? It really is a risk-free program after all! (Oh, and, no partner has ever left the program yet so I think we’re doing something right!!)


Contact us to learn more about the humane/card program and let us help raise money for your humane society, SPCA or local animal shelter. We'll answer your questions or hook you up with one of our partners as a reference if you'd like.