AxiaRx Services

AxiaRx is more than just a discount card. We have created specific programs to assist a broad array of groups from local humane societies to small businesses to low income families that need other options like a prescription assistance program, in order to pay for the drugs their physician prescribed.

Prescription Discount Card

The AxiaRx prescription discount card is at the core of many of our services. We have created them with careful attention to detail which as helped produce the best price at the pharmacy counter for you.

...eight out of ten AxiaRx cardholder save from 50% to 97%...

Here’s an example of what we mean.

All discount cards provide a final price that is based on discounts and fees, both of which are negotiated components of the card. The fees are typically shared three ways between the pharmacy the claims adjudication vendor and the card sponsor (example: AxiaRx).

Some card sponsors want more money from you and they negotiate a higher fee. But if fees get too high then the card is useless since the pharmacy will tell the client that its everyday low price is lower that the “discounted” price on that card you just gave them. The result is that fewer people save money.

We set up AxiaRx to provide more discounts for more people by, in part, keeping our fees lower.

The result? Our fee is as much as one third of what some other cards include in the prices you pay.

Today, eight out of ten AxiaRx cardholder save from 50% to 97% (based on a study of our most recent 25,000 claims). That’s what we mean when we say that we save more money more often than most any other card today.

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humane/card: the Rx discount card donation solution

Have you ever had a boss that said something like “just do the right thing.” Or another that says “an idea is a dime a dozen but execution is everything.”

(Yeah, we have too!)

With humane/card, we like to think we’ve executed well in doing the right thing.

This program donates a portion of the fee we get each time someone uses the AxiaRx card to local animal welfare organizations like humane societies, SPCAs and animal shelters.

If you work at such an organization this program is for you. There is no cost and nothing you have to do…other than cash our checks.

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Prescription Assistance Program (formerly known as SuncoastRx)

Sometimes a 50% discount off prescription drug costs isn’t enough.

We all know that our economy is still fighting its way back and, as a result, so are many American families. Many have lost insurance and are working two or three part time jobs just to get by never mind paying $150 each month for a drug that was prescribed by the family physician.

There are a lot of people in this boat. Tens of millions, in fact.

The good news is that there are programs - thousands of programs - that help families like these get their prescriptions for free or at a greatly reduced rate. They are called prescription assistance programs and are managed by pharmaceutical companies, philanthropic organizations, and companies whose sole focus is helping this group of people get the medications they need.

Now a little bit of bad news: these programs are not always easy to find and the forms and requirements are not always easy to successfully complete so that you qualify.

That’s where we come in. Our program, formerly known as SuncoastRx (the first service ever offered by Stanton Health), has helped many people successfully get their prescriptions for free or almost free. We use our vast database to search for all the programs offered for your drug(s) and they work with you over the phone to find the best one for which you’ll qualify. Programs are available for both brand and generic drugs, even if you’re taking one of those expensive pain management, depression drugs, or some other condition. Not all drugs have a program but there are thousands of programs in our database so, more often than not, we can help.

This is a fee-based service but (more good news) we only charge you if you’ll qualify. If for some reason you do not we refund your money and we never charge more than 10% of the monthly cost you would have paid without the program. So that $150 per month drug becomes $15 per month if you qualify.

That’s our job: we get you qualified.

AxiaRx Small Business Prescription Solution

If you operate a small business we want to help you save money for them at the pharmacy counter. We have taken our AxiaRx card service and bundled it with features to help make it easy for you to help your employees. With the AxiaRx Small Business Prescription Solution you get;

  • printed cards, similar to business cards, for each employee with your company logo
  • online printable or smart phone cards with your company logo
  • access to use reports to see how much is being saved each month (no personal data is available or provided)
  • access to 63,000 retail pharmacies in the U.S., Puerto Rico, the U.S.V.I., and Guam
  • Perhaps the best news of all? There is no cost to you or your employees!

    If you can’t provide insurance for your employees now you can at least do something that they will definitely appreciate while not breaking the bank.

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