Prescription Benefits for Small Business

prescription discount card can small business owners

If you operate a small business we want to help you save money for them at the pharmacy counter. We have taken our AxiaRx card service and bundled it with features to help make it easy for you to help your employees.

With the AxiaRx Small Business Prescription Solution you get;

  • printed cards, similar to business cards, for each employee with your company logo
  • online printable or smart phone cards with your company logo
  • access to use reports to see how much is being saved each month (no personal data is available or provided)
  • access to 63,000 retail pharmacies in the U.S., Puerto Rico, the U.S.V.I., and Guam

Perhaps the best news of all? There is no cost to you or your employees!

If you can’t provide insurance for your employees now you can at least do something that they will definitely appreciate while not breaking the bank.

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63,000 Strong Pharmacy Network and Growing

3 things you won't get when using our prescription discount card

Never pay more than you should

AxiaRx cardholders always receive the lowest price available at the pharmacy. We have created “Lower of” processing logic into our national systems that is utilized during processing which compares the Usual and Customary price, the Submitted price and the price that has been negotiated with the contracted pharmacy. The lowest price submitted by the pharmacy is accepted and paid by you, the cardholder. This feature ensures that AxiaRx cardholders receive the benefits of special programs and/or promotions and pays the lowest possible price.

Never sell your data

Period. Never had. Never will. Of course, ALL of our card users are anonymous to us si we couldn't...even if we wanted to!

Never miss a donation payment

Many people use the AxiaRx card simply because they like knowing that over 20% of the gross proceeds we receive from your use of the card each month go directly to local humane societies and SPCAs. That is a trust that you and the local animal welfare organization recieving the donation have put in us and that we will never break.

3 things we'll never do
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Don't be confused...
our mini FAQ is here to help.

Mini FAQ or frequently asked qeustions

Retail drug stores want to earn and keep your business, so they join the AxiaRx pharmacy network. By providing a way for many people to save money on prescription drug costs right at the counter, pharmacies find new customers and retain those they already have.

Pharmacies understand group buying power and this is what the Axia prescription discount card brings to them. They provide a deeper discount, sometimes as high as 80% or more, knowing that more AxiaRx cardholders will visit their retail pharmacy seeking the deeper discount. The margin they give up is money they would otherwise spend on advertising for your business.

When you print a prescription discount card (for free; there’s no cost!) and bring it to a participating AxiaRx discount drug card pharmacy they will enter the numbers of the front of the card. The store’s system will then apply the discount directly to your order.

No. The AxiaRx card program provides a discount only and may only be used when private or public (Medicare/Medicaid) insurance is not available.

Estimates are that 60,000 prescription drugs are available at retail pharmacies. Any drug that a prescriber can write a prescription for is availble for a discount with AxiaRx and around 80% of the time the card will provide a discount. The other 20% of the time your own pharmacy's everyday low price is lower that our negotiated rate. You will always be charged the lower of the two prices; the AxiaRx Card discounted price and the everyday pharmacy price.

Did you know that there were many prescription drugs that are approved by the FDA for use in both humans and pets? Prescriptions like Ultram (Tramadol), Elavil (Amitriptyline), Cipro (Ciprofloxacin) and hundreds more may use the AxiaRx card to find savings. Here is a list of some of the human prescriptions that are commonly used by your veterinarian. The bottom line is if it is stocked by your local pharmacy you should be able to use the AxiaRx discount drug card to get a discount on your pets medications. It is the same medication you would otherwise get from your vet.

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Our program helps provide small business employees much needed savings on prescription drugs while helping you, the business owner, look good in the process. Contact us today and see how easy it is to add this feature to your business.